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Following its announcement, we can see that Unibet and Betclic offer substantially the same odds, while the English bookmaker William Hill has odds of 41, which is double! So we recommend that you pass this bookmaker to bet on the election of Anne Hidalgo!

The transformation of Anne Hidalgo into a presidential candidate in 2022: The Mayor of Paris who did not want to run for election changed her mind...

“I seek nothing other than to be Mayor of Paris: I will not run for the 2022 elections,”

declared Anne Hidalgo in an interview. After weeks of false suspense the bookmakers had predicted it by giving her her rating and including the possibility of betting on her chances at the Elysée Palace, she announced on Sunday September 12 her candidacy for the 2022 presidential election. "I did not foresee myself at all in this campaign, but I also saw many women and men, elected officials, representatives of associations, French women and men who came to tell me: 'You cannot escape this responsibility which belongs to you. '”So why this change? It was these circumstances that led her to change.” . The challenge is so great that there is no other place”, declared a PS senator from Paris. In the eyes of all, on June 28, 2020, during the second round of municipal elections in the capital, the clear re-election of Anne Hidalgo marked her first personal step towards the presidential election. “The victory to restore legitimacy, self-confidence, and make the impossible possible”, declared Jean-François Bebat, PS mayor of Bourg-en-Bresse (AIN) and the closed candidate.

Anne Hidalgo on her way to the presidential election

Political course for 2022

After the municipal elections, Anne Hidalgo's mind is still very vague. These political friends, and her support from civil society and other associations pushed her to stand for election. From the summer of 2020, they made him hear the objective of 2022 several times: 'If you are the right person, you cannot say that you are staying in Paris. We can't choose Macron Where The pen like we did last time.'”

The mayor of Paris is convinced that it is necessary to replace the famous Le Pen-Macron duo. “I felt that she was listening, but she didn't want to solve this problem in a very precise way,” recalls a friendly senator. Summer is over, and the start of the school year marks the return of municipal councilors to the media. We already feel it, the tone is different. “I can see the perception of me has changed. I heard the voices of the commentators, and I saw the enthusiastic reaction of the Parisians and the French that I met this summer “Decided it “will take part in the future battle”. Two months later, she reiterated this promise in an interview with Liberation. “Today, at the political level: have we succeeded in getting rid of our fatal differences and have developed a common vision which brings together the greatest number? I want it,” said Anne Hidalgo.

The battle for the presidential

At the same time, his relatives continued to hope:

“I assure her that if she runs for president, I would support her”,

However, Annie Hidalgo is a woman who has other sights. The former assistant to Bertrand Delanoë, and current mayor of Paris twice, knows that the presidential candidate is calmly preparing. “I think she's ready to go. a program to see if she can become a woman in this situation”, assured the mayor PS. The mayor of Paris is convinced that the “revival of the left” will only know “politicians who have won elections since 2017”.

The birth of an ambition

But if Anne Hidalgo puts a lot of energy in Paris, her network outside the capital is very weak. Therefore, everything must be established. weekly, Marc Dupond, nicknamed « the coach of the mayors of France », prospect throughout France for her!

Now supported by his circle, there remains only the blessing of the PS elephants. During the summer school at the PS, Anne Hidalgo, who has always been far from socialist (and divisive) logic, was very well received. Party leader Olivier Faure said: “I believe she continues like this, and she will succeed in the presidential election. If Anne Hidalgo makes no official statement, she will continue the adventure for 2022

For any competitor at the Elysée, another important step is to write their program book. “A French woman” published on September 15. "So yeah, she didn't base her career on presidential ambitions, but I found out there's a political leader. However: Annie Hidalgo is only backed by 7-9 % in the polls...
Betting on Hildago therefore remains a risky bet!

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Election 2022

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