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President 2022. François Asselineau was arrested in February 2021. The investigation is still ongoing. But why do politicians always care about justice? In February 2021, it's a tsunami in politics: François Asselineau is detained for moral harassment, sexual harassment and sexual assault. The investigation was carried out in May 2020 with the brigade for the fight against delinquency against the person (BRDP) of the Paris judicial police. Two different victims working for the Universal Periodic Review (Popular Republican Union) of François Asselineau filed two complaints: one was filed in Aller and the other is in Paris. A former executive also reported to the district attorney, and some facts came to light as early as 2019.

Soon François Asselineau called the allegations defamation and a conspiracy to remove him from the presidency of the Universal Periodic Review and prevent him from participating in the 2022 presidential election: pharmacy,” he told Facebook. . The case is still ongoing. As a reminder, in 2020, even though these complaints have just been published (but before his request before police custody), the politician is still elected among the directors of his party, provoking undesirable party activists. sexual assault became their president. Who is Francois Arcelino? François Asselineau was a financial inspector before entering politics. In 2017, he gathered more than 500 sponsors and participated in the failed presidential election in 2012.

François Asselineau's victory in the presidential election is impossible!

After analyzing the Francois Asselineau profile, betting on his victory is too risky despite incredible odds...


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