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The odds for betting online on the future Winner in France Macron vs Le Pen

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In this article, we will present the rules of the 2022 presidential bet, then we will analyze the candidates and the different possible bets on this event of the second round of the 2022 presidential elections in France.

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Pollsters predicted a very close second round, with 52% for Macron and 48% for Le Pen. The gap is so close that victory one way or the other is within the margin of error. But it is in any case much closer than in 2017, when Macron beat Le Pen with 66.1 % of the vote.

Who is most likely to win the presidential election?

Emmanuel Macron with odds 1.14 and Marine Le Pen with 5.3 so according to the bookmakers the current president has the best chance of winning.

A French Election that interests the whole world!

The second round of the presidential elections in France fascinated the British. In addition to the media, online betting companies have also carefully scrutinized the latest developments in the French campaign. The amount of bets set a record. Not content with betting on horse races, or games of soccer, Brits can now bet on… the French presidential election with their numerous bookmaker. Emmanuel Macron Where Marine Le Pen, this poster clearly fascinates our neighbors across the Strait. At Betclic, one of the largest betting companies in the UK, the leader of En Marche! The favorite is given at odds of 1 out of 8. Marine Le Pen is an outsider at 5 to 1.5″, explained Rupert Adams to the TF1 editorial staff.

“Our biggest bet is 21,000 euros, which is unprecedented. “
Macron at a rally for the presidential election

British media widely reported that the French election seemed to generate real enthusiasm. Numerous developments, such as the very open polls on the eve of the first round, have increased their curiosity tenfold. All the information on the second round of the 2022 presidential election. The election of Trump and Brexit have thwarted the polls so the situation can be renewed in France, hence the interest of bet on the right bookmaker… Not to mention this new way of approaching politics: in this area, just like in sporting events, the results are never predetermined. In this regard, the victory of the election of Donald Trump or of Brexit in the United States has proven that last minute changes can never be ruled out. Which left the public and bookmakers in suspense.

The opinion of the sports betting expert for the election

“These two things changed the situation,” emphasized Emmanuelle de France of the site Presidential Betting: Bookmaker Election France, from the online betting expert Bwin . "Everything can happen. This is the third political event that has aroused so much interest,” she told TF1. Regarding this group of bookmakers, the stake on the Elysée game could exceed 30 million euros. An even more surprising result than in 2012, during the last French presidential election, Bwin had not deemed it necessary to open the event to punters.

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Indeed, many punters have already placed their predictions on this future event by choosing among the candidates who have already appeared in previous polls.

You can bet on Marine Le Pen (5.30 at Bwin), Emmanuel Macron (1.14 at Bwin), Jean-Luc Mélenchon (15.00 at Bwin), Benoît Hamon (50.00 at Bwin) or even François Baroin (67.00 at Bwin).

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