Bookmaker: Which is the best to bet on politics and the 2022 presidential election?

Bookmakers Unibet, Bwin, Betclic the top 3!

To bet on the winner of elections 2022, after having tested dozens of bookmakers it appears that Betclic, Unibet, Bwin are the best find our exclusive file to make your first bets on the policy as well by your Computer, Telephone or even applications:

Unibet: The best odds for the presidential election
Bwin: The new in the 2022 election
Betclic: The football bookmaker

Bookmakers and politics

Politics Betting with Bookmakers Betclic, Unibet, Bwin, Winamax… are an exciting and passionate subject! Because the political debates in France are daily in the media and intensify with the approach of the elections.

Bets on the results of political elections are currently available at Unibet and can be opened several years before the election date. Indeed you can already bet on the American presidential election of 2024.

Each election has its own rules and bettors must be able to judge what will influence the outcome of each event, which is relatively unique.

Factors that influence a political bet

There are several factors that can influence the outcome. It can be a scandal, a rumor from the opposing camp, a news item of the moment, a shocking phrase, the quality of the leader, campaign promises, the party supporting them, the way in which the media present the candidate, the strength of conviction during the debates.

Presentation of the activity of Bookmaker

A Bookmaker is a company whose activity is to accept bets on various upcoming events (most often sports) with pre-agreed odds, which are determined by probabilities, as well as the payment of winnings. Bookmakers Bwin, Unibet… accept bets on horse races and races, on the results of various sporting, political, cultural, financial, meteorological and other events. It is important for a bookmaker to be able to predict well (independently or based on other predictions) the expected probabilities of events on which bets are accepted and the future popularity of various bets among potential customers.

History of bookmakers

The predecessor of bookmaking was the draw, in which the bets of different players on the same event were first added together, and then the total amount, except for a certain organizational percentage, was divided among those who guessed the good result. For raffles, unlike bookmaking, no prediction was required from the organizers. Traditionally, since time immemorial, the place where sports betting was done was the racetrack. This has been the case since the time of the Roman Empire. After some time, cockfighting was added to the hippodrome – entertainment for the plebs. But it wasn't until the 19th century that a variety of sports became the subject of betting. Practice quickly showed that you can bet on anything that runs, jumps, climbs and flies. The main thing is that this sport has a lot of fans. The profession of bookmaker was born as an alternative to lotteries. Unlike sweepstakes, creating bets did not require a large organization of bet collection at a single cashier, therefore, it was relatively easy to carry out even during the period of prohibition of sweepstakes and the persecution of such events. It happened in Britain, which still holds first place in the world both in number of bookmakers and number of bettors.

Bookmaker & Elections Special File

Make your first online bet on Politics and all sports thanks to our files on the different sites: Betclic, Winamax, Unibet, Betclic:

Second round of the Elections, who will win the Elysee Palace:

Polls and Forecasts:

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Election 2022

Parier-presidentielle helps you to make your choice between the different Bookmakers Bwin, Unibet, Betclic to Bet on the Future President of France in 2022 :
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