The Odds of Bookmakers: Unibet, Bwin, Betclic to Bet on the Second Round Macron – Le Pen

Macron the big favorite of betting sites: Bwin, Unibet, Betclic…

Like the punters, the Bookmakers firmly believe that Marine Le Pen has no chance of beating Macron in the second round who always emerges victorious!

Betting on the 2022 French presidential election can be very exciting, just like any other sporting event. For this, it is essential to know the protagonists and their respective ratings. So in this article, we will present the rules of the 2022 presidential bet, then we will analyze the candidates and the different possible bets on this event of the second round of the 2022 presidential elections in France. Presidential and political betting is a great opportunity to win big money!

The system is simple, you just have to choose between the candidates. You must bet on the winner of the election. To find out who you should bet on, do not hesitate to consult our analysis of the chances of each candidate to win the presidential election in France.
And now let's get into the details!

How to make your first bet with Unibet?

Just as you can bet on the victory of your favorite football team, it is possible to bet on the winner of the race at the Elysée, it's simple and fast!

  1. Choose the Candidate on whom you wish to bet:
    in our example it is Marine le Pen!
  2. Indicate the Stake you wish to bet,
    100€ in our simulation
  3. And now, it's over!
    In our screenshot, the Odds being 501 and the bet €10 in case of victory you win €575!

€150 Bonus offered with Unibet
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Marine Le Pen the eternal loser of the Second round? Our predictions

This conviction is not only supported by opinion polls, but also by the history of the Le Pen family. If you count her father's candidacy – it has to be, because Jean-Marie occupies a large part of her daughter's reputation – Marine must fail six consecutive presidential elections to end it. Le Pen always loses against Giscard, Mitterrand, Chirac and Francois Hollande. It's no longer bad luck, but a ritual. The comparison with the Brexit or Trump elections is irrelevant. For obvious strategic reasons, all the other policies in France subtly maintain these situations as Macron and are the joy of Unibet, Bwin Betclic.

Interesting odds from bookmakers for Macron-Le Pen

This is a very useful argument for bookmakers who will use it for less obvious but glaring business reasons. Their talent lies in turning into gold the international charm of Le Pen as possible president. To do this, they must make the offer attractive by finding a balance between heart and reason. The symbolic obstacle is famous somersault, lower or higher than double the bet. At 2.8/1, bettors are reluctant but feel they are dealing with a serious bet. On 4/1, they were very excited, but suspected it was a trap, a mirror. It is called "cellar money" in the competition, or "pigeon dough". Between these very symbolic traps, the bookmaker found its way and finally offered Marin Le Pen at the price of 3/1. You must have a good relationship with this stranger posing as the darling. Obviously, doubt always points to the bottom of certainty: what if it still prevails? In this case, and it can never be excluded, the operator will have to shell out millions of pounds for the opportunity, multiplied by three. It will not be a joke, especially since the millions of euros invested in Holland, Juppé, Baroin, Sarko and Valls since the start of the campaign will surely be lost for the bettors... and won for the bookmakers Bwin, Winamax, Betclic …

Campaign surprises change the odds!

The defection is always the business of the latter, because they will not refund the bet on the competitors eliminated along the way. However, we have never seen a horse win in a race in which we did not participate according to Macron. This is what the bookmakers hope (Unibet, Bwin Betclic)

The prosecution was announced on the morning of March 1, ending the four weeks of torture (one arrow a day) suffered by San Sebastián during the 2017 presidential election and entering the murderous phase. He declared it himself during a press conference when speaking of political assassinations”. After a few hours, the bookmakers did not know where to turn. By bad news or by desire for reality, they are convinced that François Fillon will give up after being summoned by the judges and canceled at the last minute the agricultural exhibition. Just like the stock markets in times of crisis, you have to stop betting before Fillon is offered on 5/1 and 10/1. However, during the press conference, after having mentioned the assassination, Fillon paradoxically announced that he was still alive and decided to stick to it, even if it meant that once prosecuted, it would amount to giving up the oath to renounce. The bookmaker immediately adjusted the odds to 5/1. The kneeling bull did not want to die, but the orchestra blew the horn: We must put an end to François Fillon. Bruno Le Maire thought he could grab the sword and strike. He will suffer from it, which will make him the most embarrassing politician of his generation. While we waited for the “Young Baron”, Juppé perked up and regained his vitality, ready to jump on the stage and go to the arena to play the final blow. His friend persuaded him to go, but he hesitated. He preferred that the bull decide to die first, then give him a final blow. It's a godsend for the bookmaker who has always considered him his favorite until the first round of the primary. Because each turnaround will trigger a lot of ticket resale activity, the website makes a profit (5%). Thursday March 2 and Friday March 3, tens of thousands of euros were traded on the online betting exchange Betclic, exceeding 6 million euros during the presidential election.

An election that will be played between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen according to the bookmakers

Faced with this republican turmoil, the ratings of Emmanuel Macron (1.2/1) and Marine Le Pen (2.2/1) have hardly changed. However, nothing says that between the writing of this article and your reading, there will be no new changes in the odds for the bookmakers Unibet, Bwin Betclic. Either way, this election will be an unforgettable moment for Britons. However, people should know behind the stabbing princes in Shakespeare's hometown. But there, the French amazed them. The fact that Penelope Fillon is of Welsh descent undoubtedly adds salt to their happiness. Will they see the reincarnation of Madame Macbeth's Francaise in the future first lady of France? In any case, they were taken by the excitement which can only find an outlet in the bet. Wasn't the game invented just for that?

Perhaps sociologists should whisper some useful information about these games of chance into the ears of presidential candidates and vice presidents. It is time to think about getting rid of this so-called moral isolation, which faces the wet wall of sand of globalization. The advice of a high-flying gambler…

The Macron – Le Pen second round attracts punters at Unibet, Bwin, Betclic

The election is better than reality TV “In French elections, our turnover has never exceeded 10,000 pounds. This year we are close to reaching 500,000. With the Scottish referendum in 2014, the Brexit referendum and the US election, our total turnover has exceeded £5 million. largest non-sports market, far ahead of reality TV shows,” explained the head of press relations at Betclic. Odds and betting Gambling companies have bet £10 million on the French presidential election. The odds for the bookmaker's main candidates as of March 22, 2017 are: Emmanuel Macron: 1.5/1 Marina Le Pen: 3/1 François Fillon: 6/1 Benoit Hamon: 66/1 Jean-Luc Melenchon: 66/1 On Betfair ( Betting Exchange) as of March 27, 2017, 4.18 million pounds have changed hands, i.e. 8.36 million in turnover as of March 27 Odds and bets offered: Le Pen: 4/1 = 1.38 million pounds sterling: 13/2 = 1.1 million pounds Macron: 5 /10 = 1.1 million Hamon: 190/1 = 740,000 Melenchon: 140/1 = 18 ten thousand.

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