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Eric Zemmour the surprise candidate of the election, the polemicist can change the results of the first round and the odds of Bookmaker Bwin & Unibet!

Les sondages n’arrête pas d’augmenter pour l’ancien journaliste de CNEWS, son arrivée peux changer la donne du prévisible : Macron – Le Pen! Une parties des votants de droite et d’extrême droite sont tenté par sa candidature ainsi Eric Zemmour peut faire perdre quelque points à la candidate du rassemblement nationale Marine Le Pen et l’empêcher d’être au second tour…
Ainsi il les sites paris en ligne/ Bookmaker telle Bwin et Unibet ont dû ajuster leur cotes depuis son entrée en campagne!

Eric Zemmour: Candidate for the 2022 presidential election

Eric Zemmour's odds at the bookmaker Bwin for the 2022 presidential election

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Eric Zemmour's odds at the bookmaker Bwin for the 2022 presidential election

Paris en ligne sur Éric Zemmour

Les sondages ne cessent de grimper pour l’ancien journaliste de CNEWS, son arrivée peut changer la donne du prévisible : Macron – Le Pen ! Une partie des électeurs de droite et d’extrême droite sont tentés par sa candidature alors Eric Zemmour peut faire perdre quelques points à la candidate du rassemblement national Marine Le Pen et l’empêcher d’être au second tour…

Ainsi, les sites de paris en ligne / Bookmaker tels que Bwin et Unibet ont dû ajuster leurs cotes depuis son entrée en campagne !

Si Marine Le Pen est toujours favorite avec une cote de 4,25 sur Unibet, sa cote a pris un sacré coup par rapport à 4,50 il y a quelques semaines. La cote d’Emmanuel Macron a été abaissée de 3,75 > 3,50 pour une autre raison : Nicolas Dupont-Aignan dont la ligne politique n’est pas très différente de celle d’Eric Zemmour s’est allié à lui pour être candidat à la présidentielle dans le cadre d’un accord avec Marine Le Pen qui sera également son Premier ministre en cas de victoire ! Cette alliance pourrait voler des voix à Le Pen et augmenter les chances de victoire de Macron.

Enfin, nous notons également une petite correction concernant François Fillon qui reste en troisième position mais voit sa cote augmenter légèrement ! En effet,

The Bio of Eric Zemmour to bet well

Éric Justin Léon Zemmour (French pronunciation: ​; born August 31, 1958) is a French essayist, political journalist and writer. His conservative positions, as well as the many controversies in which he was involved, are notorious in his native country. With the publication of The French Suicide (in French: Le Suicide français), a book for which he received the Prix Combourg-Chateaubriand 2015. He also received the Prix Richelieu 2011 for his entire career as a journalist.

Born in Montreuil, Zemmour studied at Sciences Po. He was hired by Le Quotidien de Paris in 1986 before becoming a reporter for Le Figaro in 1996, until his dismissal in 2009 after a controversy over statements he made, for which he is convicted of incitement to racial discrimination. He then continued to write for Le Figaro Magazine. Zemmour appeared as a television personality in shows such as On n'est pas couche on France 2 (2006-2011), Ça se dispute on I-Télé (2003-2014) and Face à l'Info on CNews (since 2019) . He has also appeared on Zemmour and Naulleau since 2011, a weekly debate evening hosted by Anaïs Bouton on Paris Première, along with literary critic Éric Naulleau. Zemmour worked in parallel for RTL from 2010 to 2019, first hosting the radio show Z comme Zemmour, before joining Yves Calvi's television news as an analyst.

Zemmour has been widely discussed in the media as a possible candidate for the 2022 presidential election. He remains publicly undecided about whether to run.

life and career
Early life
Éric Zemmour was born in Montreuil, then in the Seine, today in Seine-Saint-Denis, on August 31, 1958, into a Jewish Algerian family of French nationality who came to France during the Algerian war. He grew up in Drancy then in the Parisian district of Château Rouge. Son of Roger Zemmour, an ambulance driver, and his wife Lucette, a housewife, he said he admired his mother and grandmother: his father was often absent, and he was in fact raised by women "who [him] learned to be a man. . »

political journalist
Zemmour, a graduate of the Paris Institute of Political Studies, twice failed to gain admission to the National School of Administration. He began his career in 1986 at Quotidien de Paris, under the direction of Philippe Tesson, as a journalist on the political desk. After the newspaper closed in 1994, he became an editorial writer at Info-Matin, where he remained for a year. He then joined the editorial staff of Le Figaro in 1996 as a political journalist. Zemmour was also a freelance journalist for Marianne in 1997 and for Current Values in 1999. In 2009, he was fired from Le Figaro after a controversy over statements he made, for which he was convicted of incitement to racial discrimination. at Figaro Magazine, where he has since written a weekly column. He is also a political columnist for the Spectacle du Monde. Despite his failure to be admitted to the National School of Administration, his status as a political journalist allowed him to be a member of the school's admissions committee in 2006.

Zemmour supported attachmentism.

Writer and essayist
Zemmour wrote the biographies of Édouard Balladur (Balladur, motionless with great strides) and Jacques Chirac (The Man Who Didn't Love Himself) as well as political essays. In particular, in 2006 he published The First Sex, a book on what he considers to be the feminization of society. He worked on the screenplay for the film Dans la peau de Jacques Chirac by Michel Royer and Karl Zéro, although the latter said Zemmour's writing had limited use. In March 2010, with Mélancolie française (which won the Incorrect Book Prize), he revisited the history of France. Zemmour's 2014 book The French Suicide sold over 400,000 copies. »

From Polemicist to Candidates for the French Presidential Election!

A television and radio personality since September 2003, he takes part every week in the program Ça se dispute on the 24/7 news channel i>Télé opposite Nicolas Domenach (Christophe Barbier until 2006). The channel decided to stop the show in December 2014. He also appeared on Friday petantes on Canal+ until June 2006. From September 2006, he joined France 2 to participate in the show On n'est pas in bed, hosted by Laurent Ruquier, accompanied by Michel Polac then Éric Naulleau, where they were responsible for presenting an honest review of films, books, albums, etc. During the show, their exchanges with cultural personalities sometimes ended in clashes. On May 27, 2011, Laurent Ruquier announced in Le Parisien that he was replacing Éric Zemmour and Éric Naulleau with new contributors for the next season of We are not lying. Éric Zemmour also took part in the program L'Hebdo as an editorialist on Tempo, a French overseas department channel; he was accompanied, among others, by Dominique Wolton.

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