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If Bwin is one of the leaders of Sports Betting, it is also the best bookmaker in the field of Political Betting and Presidential Elections because it offers the most bets on French political life as well as American, British (Prime Minister)…

With the approach of the presidential election, Bwin offers to bet on the elections. Bwin is a bookmaker specializing in online sports betting and live betting. France elected President of the Republic on April 24, 2022.

Bet on the next elections

The next major political event will be the presidential election in France. second round on April 24, 2022, two types of politics bets are available: who will be the president-elect after the election? But also which party will obtain an absolute majority in the National Assembly?

Bwin indicates that in recent years, betting has taken on a new dimension. Indeed, many politicians have been able to capitalize on this type of bet to get their message across. Moreover, some candidates even claimed that they had won even before the polls closed! In short, betting has become an integral part of any major political event. This can be seen as a true demonstration of democratic commitment.

In this regard, the victory of Emmanuel Macron has greatly stimulated interest in betting on politics. And if you want to know everything about French politics and its elections (presidential, legislative or local), you've come to the right place! The bookmakers provide all possible information: polls, odds, but also advice and forecasts for each election.

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Survey, Treason: The specificities of Political Paris

Betting in advance can pay off big: Because bets on the results of political elections are available on Bwin and can begin years before election day. Each election has its own surprises and bettors must be able to judge what affects the final winner, the last French and American elections have thwarted many predictions each time with twists and last-minute reversals!

Factors Affecting Political Betting

Several factors can affect the result. It can be a scandal, rumors from the opposition camp, current events, a shock condemnation, the quality of the leaders, campaign promises, the party supporting them, the how the media presents the candidates, the strength of belief in the debate.

Bet on the next election with Bwin

The next major political event will be the French presidential election (all bets are on the French presidential election). While the first round will take place on April 10 and the second on April 24, 2022, two types of political bets are possible: Who will reach the second round and who will be the elected president at the end of the ballot?
At the end of 2022, Brazil will hold presidential elections. The next big events will be the US Presidential Election in 2024 and the next UK Prime Minister in January 2025. Bet on which side of the Democratic or Republican Party will win the US Presidential Election on our site.